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We’ve upgraded to streamline the process for all this Open Enrollment Period with Obamacare Alternative plans and Marketplace plans!

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Now Even Easier to Understand, and Faster to Apply!

Individual and Family coverage plans from BOTH types of health insurance. You can choose either the Obamacare Marketplace (on-exchange) plans that offer subsidy assistance, OR the Private health insurance (off-exchange) plans with more Doctor accepted larger networks. Now even faster, and easier for Florida State residents to apply here directly, avoiding Healthcare.gov enrollment slowdown.

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Have an Expert Review Our Various Employer Solutions

Employer small business groups, to large corporations with HR benefits- We can guide you with solutions that fit your Healthcare needs. Considering a Self or Level Funded, Erisa and stop loss plans, Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) or a Private Health Insurance Exchange? Looking for multi state coverage? Wondering about alternatives or accepting tax penalties? Contact our experts today to help you understand your options.

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Health insurance Florida residents can stop the frustration of dealing with Healthcare.gov and skip the line and long hold times. Book a time with a licensed agent to go over options on and off the marketplace that fit your schedule.

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Do not settle with only what you see available yourself online. Most who try to file online themselves and choose a plan, file or choose incorrectly. Get help for options , alternatives that many do not know about. We do not charge Florida Residents to consult or apply! When Healthcare.gov is down…we’re up-and with more options.

Update and re-enroll with same or current plan in only about 4min!

Had an application last year and just need to re-enroll? We will do it for you and quicker than virtually any agency…in literally minutes.

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How we simplified the process for health insurance Florida residents

  • Here you will easily be able to see any subsidy eligibility results
  • Neatly Compare carrier coverage plans side by side
  • Choose deductibles and co-pays
  • Get quotes in literally seconds just by answering a few basic questions
  • Apply and enroll on your own or with the help of a licensed Florida State agent who will be dedicated to personally answer questions
  • All agents enrolling are certified and licensed by Federal Government entities
  • Using the resource center can get you a dedicated representative equipped to handle your needs all year long, where others can not
  • We are simply better since we use a single, rather than a double redirect to the Obamacare Healthcare.gov Marketplace which skips a lot of the verification and leaving the site and hassles associated with a double redirect platform site or healthcare.gov directly. Even when Healthcare.gov site is down-we can still provide quotes and application!

We offer major medical carriers in Florida whether we get compensated from the carriers or not, its more important to have the right plans for each client.

Florida Health insurance Companies include Molina Health Care, Humana, Cigna, United Health Care (UHC), Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS and Florida Blue), Aenta, AmBetter/Celtic, Coventry and more.

Inexpensive supplemental products are also inexpensive solutions that do not need to be difficult to understand. Secondary plans can begin at less than a dollar a day. We make it simple, fast, and easy as we walk you though the process.

  • Dental and Vision
  • Accident
  • Critical illness insurance to keep help pay the bills insurance wont
  • Disability Short Term and Long Term
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Short term Medical health insurance
  • Healthcare sharing plans
  • Hospital and many other plans that pay you directly up and above your health insurance would pay the providers.